Pickers to Pawn Stars... Part 1

Admittedly, I don’t watch too much television. When I do, it’s generally one of five channels. (Though, I do have a healthy Netflix habit which includes complete seasons of several television shows on their own special que)

But Those First 5 channels that I spend most of my time on are (in no particular order):

The History ChannelDiscovery ChannelNat GeoThe Biography Channel and HBO.

I suppose I like each of these channels for different reasons, all of which speak to who I am and the life that I’ve lead up until the moment that I turn the TV on, but that blog is for a different day. Tonight and in next week’s Blog, I want to discuss 2 shows that are on the History Channel.  American Pickers and Pawn Stars.

I can hear your thoughts now… “What can this possibly have to do with Music?”  Well staytuned and you’ll find out!

(See that? I included the word ‘Tuned’ in that last sentence just for you musicians. I even put it in italics.)

At first I didn’t like American Pickers. The guys kind of annoyed me and I didn’t think that the show would last very long. But before I knew it more and more episodes were showing up on the Giant Golden H. So eventually, as my wife was snoozing next to me, I began to watch a couple of these episodes…

Here’s what I came to love about American Pickers:

Two guys in a van, traveling around the country (sound familiar musicians?)

They’re not guaranteed success when they arrive at some of the most run down facilities in the country (sound familiar musicians?)

But they do it because they love it.  They do it because, they know that there is a possibility that they are going to find something that no one else has even taken the time to look for. They are not thinking about what’s not going to be there, they are spending their time and energy thinking about what could, might and will be there. When they arrive at these junkyards and properties, they don’t have some corporate guy go in and look for stuff that they want, THEY rummage through the junk looking, placing value, seeking and finding stuff that only they truly feel the value for. They always drive away happy, whether they got something or not. (and please note**  that they almost always walk away with something of value. I wonder why…)

If you haven’t guessed why I’m talking about this show on the History Channel, here it is in layman/musicians terms.

Love what you do. CHOOSE to love what you’re doing. Whether you’re on tour, recording in the studio, playing in a local coffee shop or pitching your stuff on the Internet. Do it because you know there is a possibility that you are going to find something that no one else has even taken the time to look for. A fan of your music. Not just a fan, but a super-fan. A fan that is going to spend the next year listening to your music, and telling all of his or her friends to listen to your music. Don’t spend your time thinking about how many people aren’t going to be at your show, or aren’t going to be buying your music, spend your time and energy thinking about who could, might and will be there, who could, might and will buy your music. Don’t sit around and say “if only I had some corporate guy to get all of this done for me”. Get out there! At the gigs, on the web, and look for stuff that YOU want! Rummage through the junk looking, placing value, seeking and finding stuff that only you truly feel the value for. Whether that is more fans, a record deal or the high you get from playing a kick ass show. Don’t worry about the people who don’t like your music, because you didn’t write it for them. Pickers aren’t worried about the the broken junk that surrounds their treasures, because it’s not why they are there. Lastly, always drive away happy, whether you got something or not.  The more often you practice this, the more often you’ll find things to drive away happy about.  In summation, the more you enjoy this life that YOU’VE CHOSEN… the more you will enjoy this life that you have chosen.

Be a picker.  Be a picker of success. Be a picker of ‘your fans’.  Success and ‘your fans’ are out there. It’s a fact. You might as well do everything that you can to find them before some other picker gets there before you.

Next week, we’ll cover part 2 of this series.. The Pawn Stars.

Until then,  Enjoy the Ride!




Check out the American Picker’s version of ‘What it takes’ to succeed in their line of work and tell me in the comments section below your thoughs about this blog post and how this video equates to success in what you do…