Episode 025: What are you Pointing at??

Hey guys! Episode 25 is up and ready for your listening pleasure. When we think about things, we are in a sense pointing at them on a quantum level. Are you aware at what you're pointing at every day? If you could step outside yourself and see what you were constantly pointing at what would you change? What are you pointing at right now? Point your mouse on the link and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Episode 020: Take Ownership of Your Role

What is most important role you play in life?

How do you show up for that role? Is it a priority to do it to the best of your ability?

How often do you take true ownership of that role?

What would be different about your life if you made it a priority to take ownership of that role everyday of your life.


For some more insight into Ryan's perspective on the value of that ownership, check out Episode 20 of Be Patient, Be Present, be Joyful.

Episode 019: Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Whoever you are comparing yourself to, STOP IT! They haven't lived your life and you haven't lived theirs. This isn't apples and oranges this is millions of momentary experiences and environments that over a lifetime make us exactly who we are supposed to be at this moment. Who we become from here is up to us! If you want to get down to the nitty griddy on this, check out this week's audioblog!

Episode 013: The Vine

In lucky episode 13 Ryan reminds us that like a vine on a wall, your life, career or what ever it is that you are striving to build in a particular direction sometimes looks like it's standing still, but if compare it today to where it started you'll not only see how far it's grown, but realize that there is growth happening right now that you can't even see.