Voice Activate Your Life

'Alexa... play Red Solo Cup!' the slightly inebriated friend of a friend shouted into a black metallic object in the center of the counter which five of us surrounded as the post St Patty's Day Parade shindig kicked into gear.


This was my first experience with this newer generation of voice activation technology and it once again reminded me that we are somehow now actually living in the future. I also realize that this is just a tiny glimpse of what the next twenty years will bring into our first world life style. Get ready everyone, because things are about to get interesting.


Occasionally, after leaving festivities like this I like to spend my ride home thinking about the different experiences that occurred and get curious about what opportunities may rise from the occasion. When I thought about the Alexa introduction experience, and the future that it is just a glimpse of, I started to realize what I hope to be an unexpected value of the pending voice activation revolution.


We as a culture/society are getting used to speaking what we want and having it show up for us. Our brains are developing a habit of expecting results from our words.


Kind if makes me wonder... what would it be like if the 5.2 million people who bought an Amazon Echo and welcomed Alexa into their homes in it's first two years of sales used that same technique on their own lives when speaking to themselves or about themselves when speaking with anyone else they spend time with?


"Alexa... Be Patient"

"Alexa... Be Present"

"Alexa... Be Joyful"

"Alexa... Have Confidence"

"Alexa... Trust Your Intuition"


Now, I know that silencing or shifting thoughts, feelings, attachment, fear and all of the other emotional bumps and bruises of life are not always as easy as shouting out your intentions while wearing a giant green top hat with a shamrock on it, but what if 5.2 million people and climbing believed that it was?


What if YOU believed that it was?


What if through faith, practice, patience, and determination you built up your muscle of self-awareness to be so strong that you trusted your consciousness to respond to your vocal intentions in any situation? 


Some of you may say 'That's ridiculous!' and those of you who say that are correct... from your perspective. But you also just proved it to be possible. 


"Alexa.. that's ridiculous!"


"Mind control is the result of self-discipline and habit. You either control your mind or it controls you. There is no halfway compromise." ~ Napoleon Hill


The first step is the faith, practice, patience and determination. 


Voice Activate Your Life


"Alexa... Start Today."